May 1, 2014

Neighbourhood Plan Exhibition

Bradford on Avon Neighbourhood Plan - The Next Stage

Bradford on Avon Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group invites you to come and see the work in progress on the Neighbourhood Plan and hope that you would be willing to let us have your comments.

The Neighbourhood Plan is for the Parish of Bradford on Avon and is a document which will, when approved, provide a blueprint for the future.  It is important to note that the Plan has to be in accordance with the strategic plans of Central Government and Wiltshire Council but there are many local matters that the Plan can address.

From earlier consultations the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group has identified a vision for Bradford on Avon that reflects the wishes of the community.  The Group has also put together a list of the key issues that have a direct bearing on how the town is now and how we wish to see it taken forward into the future.

A further consultation and exhibition is being held at the Town Council Office from 19th May to 13th June where additional information will be available and where members of the Steering Group will be on hand from time to time to answer questions.  The exhibition will be open from 10am to 4pm Mondays to Fridays and Monday 19th May 7pm to 9pm, Wednesday 4th June 6pm to 9pm and Saturday 24th May 10am to 4pm. There may be certain dates when the office will be closed to allow meetings to take place but we will try as far as possible to ensure that these occasions will be limited.

If you are representing an organisation and would wish to visit the exhibition with your members on a particular time and date this can be arranged.  Please contact the Town Council on 864240 or email

Copies of the exhibition content will also be available in Bradford on Avon library and on the Town Council website for the duration of the exhibition.

With community support, on adoption the Neighbourhood Plan will become a statutory planning document for our town.  It will not solve all of our problems but it will ensure that local opinion has a greater say in decision making on change and development.  We hope therefore that you will take an active role in letting us have your ideas and comments so that we can move ahead to produce a draft plan by the autumn.

Yours sincerely

Cllr Gwen Allison
Bradford on Avon Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

You can follow work in progress:
Town Council website:
Twitter:             @BOA_NPlan


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